Polymer clay gemstone canes

The canes featured on the Polymer Clay Workshop banner are gemstone canes.  I developed the technique because I wanted to make canes without the bother of “packing” the clay to make a background for a flower pattern.  To this day I’m not very good at canes with pictures that require packing in extra sections!  Once I made a cane, well, as you can see, I went a little crazy!

purple square gemstone canepolymer clay tea pot polymer clay lizard polymer clay mushroom charm

gemstone egg construction

I think my all-time favorite use for gemstone canes is picture frame veneers!

Polymer clay bas relief yellow umbrella

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1 Response to Polymer clay gemstone canes

  1. Alena Lim says:

    The canes you make look stunning,if look closer it like some kind of illusions.So good, so pretty.^_^

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