Stacking Tile Bangles in Polymer Clay Millefiori

I’ve continued my journey into making jewelry with my canes. I searched for bracelet blank, blank channel bracelet, and blank inlay bracelet. Here are two of the shops I found. KJewelry Metal, Yakutum, Natalie Parker Designs, and TDS Online store.

These canes are from the October 2020 issue of Cane Builder on Patreon.

Just looking at these tiles makes me think of adventure and travel.! My favorite thing is matching the different patterns and colors. I love the thin little solid bangles that break the complexity and tie the colors together.

Possibility is my favorite word.

At the time of writing this post a few of these bracelet are still available in my Etsy shop.

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Polymer Clay Dangle Slab Earrings

I’m so busy making and designing canes that I seldom take time to make anything with them! This month’s cane tutorial on Patreon makes beautiful slabs. I decided to try my hand at these shape earrings everyone has been making. There are endless shapes to choose from. I decided to try to find shapes that seem uniquely suited to these specific slabs. Here are some of my favorite shapes at the moment. I especially like the rectangles. There is no waste and no special cutters needed. The Blue Bottle Tree has some great information for making earrings, so there’s no need for me to repeat it. I totally recommend her use of templates to save tons of money on cutters. Here are some of my first earring ideas. Feel free to copy and sell them. I have a few in my Etsy shop, but soon I’ll be on to more experiments. I’m excited to try some more jewelry now that I’ve taken the plunge.

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Polymer Clay Rainbow 3D Star Cane Beads

I’ve been making canes for years. It’s finally time to make them into something! I’ve open a new Esty shop, PolymerBeadWorkshop, where you can get inspiration for all the many ways to make canework beads. The tutorial for this pattern is on my Patreon page.

Here I’ll show one way to make beads with a rectangular, geometric cane. If you had a square cane, like a kaleidoscope or tile, you could do this same thing by putting two side by side to make a rectangle.

If rainbow isn’t your thing, try to imagine this with the most beautiful kaleidoscope canes you’ve seen.

Cane slice beadPolymer clay cane rainbow bead

  1. Cut a slice and wrap it around a log of clay. It takes some time to get the seam to fit perfectly. You can adjust the size of the log, or press and pull at the slice until the sides come together as smoothly as possible. If the clay is too sticky, let it set. If not, it will stick too soon and you won’t be able to make adjustments.
  2. Slowly roll and pull the clay together to cover the log. This takes some practice.
  3. Now that the log is covered it can truly be formed into any shape. For the round flat beads or cabs, I roll it into a ball and then flatten in.  Actually for most shapes I form it carefully into a ball before I decide what’s next. However, for this particular design, rectangular or cylindrical seem to be the easiest and most effective.

polymer clay 3d cane beadPolymer clay 3D rainbow star beads

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Polymer Clay Bronze Blend

There are many ways to make metallic looking blends. Here is one way to make bronze.

Premo brand:

the dark is 2 parts cadmium red : 1 part black

the light is 3 parts white : 1 part orange

bronze template2bronze blendbornze color disksbronze jewel canes

Here I’ve used four solid shades for this blend to make the cane from the 3D Star cane on Patreon.

3D polymer clay star cane

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Polymer Clay Poinsettia Cane


Polymer Clay Christmas pattern canes

The snowflake and gold canes are on my Patron site. The following instructions are for the poinsettia cane.

Step 1: Make a blend and stack it. Here is a video I made a long time ago about how I stack blends. I used Premo brand: half Pomegranate Red and half dark red which mixed from 1 part Pomegranate to 1 part black. Don’t blend directly to black. It’s already pretty dark. Add one more sheet of red, or even red mixed with a little white to the top of the stack if it looks too dark.

Step 2: Reduce the blend so that it’s like a long rectangular cane. Cut it in half and stack it so that one dark side is touching one light side.

Step 3: Formed the block into a petal shape by pinching the top and bottom of the block together along the whole length of the cane.

polymer clay poinsettia cane petal

Step 4: Pack in the background of the petal. Use only a tiny bit at the bottom. I do this by making logs of translucent clay and then pinching and forming them to make exactly the shape pictured below.

Step 5: Make a center by taking a small amount of yellow and rolling it into a log. Wrap the log in the leftover dark red or brown or black. Cut the roll into seven equal sections and arrange them as pictured. Reduce this new can and use only as much as you need to fit the center proportionally. You can always use any left over center for other flowers.

Poinsettia cane tutorial

Step 6: Reduce the petal cane and slice it into 7 sections. Arrange them around the center.

Polymer Clay Poinsettia cane tutorial1

Polymer clay Christmas cane beadsPolymer Clay Poinsettia Cane Bead


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Making Polymer Clay Videos

My Instagram videos have become way more popular than I ever imagined. I may never know why. I thought I’d share my process with you. More than that though, I want to encourage you to try things even when you don’t think you have the resources or the expertise. My entire career I’ve done things that I “don’t know how to do”. I’ve felt like I’ve faked my expertise all the way through. I went ahead and did things way before I felt like I had them right or knew what I was doing. My subscribers know that my issues still have typos and I can be a terribly spacey, absent-minded artist. But I’d rather do things imperfectly than not do them at all.

I had no idea how to make videos! I thought I needed all kinds of special lighting and equipment. One day, out of sheer necessity, I grabbed a block of clay, set my iphone on it, and reached my hands around either side of the phone to work with the clay.

Polymer clay video making

Many of my videos very get edited. Often however, I want to speed it up. I got the app Slow Fast Slow. It is very easy and a lot of fun.

I also like to add clips together. I have imovie on my iphone. A little playing around and maybe googling a few things, and I was able to add voiceover, edit clips, add text (although this option could be better), import still photos, and import music.

I even imported videos that I had made in Slow Fast Slow, but I’m not sure

All the music from my videos comes from Soundstripe. It’s a small monthly fee, but I think musicians should be paid for their art. It’s so great to be able to use any music I want and feel good about it. Use my special coupon code RAINBOW for 10% off.

From Soundstripe, I save the song I’ve licensed to the dropbox app on my iphone. From dropbox there is an option to export to imovie. In imovie you find the music by tapping the +  then Audio, then Imported.

You can add voiceover by tapping the + then Voiceover. Haha, it’s trippy for someone shy like my to record my voice, but at least I can keep starting over. Again, I don’t go for perfection.

Finally, if you want to make really easy how-to craft videos, you could also check out That’s how I made the video about How to make star bows.

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Polymer Clay Coral Reef Canes

Here are some Coral Reef and Under the Sea canes made by subscribers. I’ve received more beautiful pictures, but these are the ones I have saved on this computer at the moment. The tutorial and video for these can be found on my Patreon page here

polymer clay coral display4

These beads are by Minky Toms

Miny's bead and cabMinky's beads

These cabs are by Peggy Rose.

Peggy's Coral ReefPeggy's Coral Reef 2

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Millefiori Butterflies in Modeling Chocolate or Candy clay

See many of the patterns in the tutorials in my Etsy shop!

For a long time now, I’ve wondered if I could make edible canes. I tried this recipe for candy clay, and made butterflies from this month’s Cane Builder tutorial. Video on my Instagram and Pinterest. Modeling chocolate millefiori butterfliesCandy clay millefiori butterfly wings

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Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Color Scheme

I’m always looking for good color combinations. I like the colors in this kaleidoscope inspired by this back issue of Cane Builder.

All premo brand.

The two blends are the aqua (turquoise) blend, and a blend that is half ultramarine and half cadmium red like this post.  The yellow is cadmium yellow with a trace of white and the purple mix from the blend. The darkest color is green with a little cadmium red.

Polymer clay Kaleidoscope Cane Color Scheme

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Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, in Polymer Clay

Here is my recipe for the Pantone color of the year for 2019. It’s called living coral. The pictures turned out a little darker and redder than the actual clay. You could use more white or orange if you choose. This is premo brand polymer clay. The coral color is

2 parts cadmium red : 1 part orange : 1 part white.

Polymer Clay Living Coral RecipePolymer Clay Pantone Living CoralPolymer Clay Pantone Color of the Year BlendPolymer clay coral canePolymer Clay Living Coral Color Cane

For other fun blends check out this month’s (January) issue of Cane Builder.Polymer Clay Sea Shell Cane Project

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