How to Make Shiny Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelets Without Glue

My new favorite thing to make is cuff bracelets! One place to purchase these is at

I made a complete video about how to make this bracelets. It can be found at :

Did you know that if you bake clay face down on glass, every part that is touching the glass looks like glass!!! This is especially helpful for canes with translucent polymer clay. If you’ve ever experimented with translucent, you quickly realize that it’s no as see-through as you hoped. However, just like agates in a rock tumbler, translucent clay is much more translucent after being sanded or coated in resin. The easiest and most effective way of all is to simply bake it against glass (watch out for air bubbles and burning!). Unfortunately, most projects aren’t perfectly flat, so this trick is useless. Guess what!? These bracelets can be baked flat! (as you already know if you just watched the video).

When these strips are thin enough, they bend very easily. The beauty of these bracelet blanks is that all you need to do is to insert the strip into the end pockets and crimp them shut.

Now, I have to admit, making the thin strip isn’t easy. You don’t have to make them nearly as complicated as I have here. Most of these canes are taught somewhere on my Patreon page.

Also, many of these canes feature a unique murrini technique that is also taught on Patreon. These canes rely on translucent clay and are most effective when they are shiny.

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