Polymer clay sunflower magnet tutorial

sunflower tute sunflower tute2

sunflower tute3

sunflower tute 4sunflower tute5 sunflower tute6

Swirl up the colors, roll them into a log, and then fold them in half.  Repeat this process until there are streaks of color running through the clay.

sunflower tute7

sunflower tute8

Sunflowers tend to have a lot of  petals and a large center.  To make the petals, pull and pinch sections of the streaked log of clay. You don’t have to use all the petals.  It’s important that the petals are a little random in size and color.  Let them twist a curl slightly.

sunflower tute9sunflower tute11sunflower tute 12

Add one or two layers of leaves to the back of the center.  I should have added the texture after I put the leaves on!  The pressure of adding the texture would have helped to squish the petals on.

sunflower tute13sunflower tute14polymer clay magnets

Add the leaves.  Bake the clay and glue a magnet to the back.

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4 Responses to Polymer clay sunflower magnet tutorial

  1. tantesherry says:

    These are Super Cute!

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