Polymer Clay Demonstrations During the Tucson Gem a Mineral Show

If you know anyone visiting the Gem and Mineral Show this week in Tucson, AZ, tell them to come visit me The Tucson Artist’s Colony near Grant and Oracle!  You can find me at my studio’s Facebook page (TheBirdsNestTucson), or e-mail me at creatorsjoy@gmail.com.  I’ll answer questions about building canes or covering bead, mirrors, eggs, lizards etc… You can see free a demonstration of any of the tutorials you see here.

tucson gem show polymer clay bead Tucson gem show polymer clay egg Tucson gem show polymer clay lizard Tucson Gem show polymer clay mirror Tucson Gem show polymer clay pendant

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5 Responses to Polymer Clay Demonstrations During the Tucson Gem a Mineral Show

  1. Monique U says:

    Have a great time at the show!

  2. Judy Price says:

    Hi there, I realize this was from last years Gem Show, but I had to comment! I decided to try to learn to work with polymer to expand my jewelry making repertoire, and in my beginners research I learned about making canes. I’ve seen finished ones over the years, but wasn’t familiar with their name or process. I saw a woman selling how she makes them on ebay for $20, but I knew Google would point me in the right direction for free. The woman on ebay was mere child’s play compared to your creations!

    I was sitting here looking at all these amazing things you’ve made thinking, “I wonder if I can find someone teaching here in town that’s even half as good….” Then lo and behold, I see you are in Tucson! What on Earth are the odds of that? Actually, when talking about arts and crafts, beads, gems, and creative people, funky little Tucson is right up there. Can you point me in any sort of direction as far as workshops or classes, whether you teach or not? I was actually thinking of asking on craigslist before I ran across your site. Thanks for any info, and again, truly amazing works of art!

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