Illuminated Stained Glass Canes Gallery

I’m on a wonderful road trip!  I’m currently sitting in Deep Creek Coffee outside of Zion National Park in Utah (lovely shop, and also my chance to get internet).  Today I hope to take my chalk pastels out and do some plein air painting (I’m a landscape painter as well as a polymer clay artist).  My favorite this is to attempt to capture light in painting, and now in clay.  The night before my trip I stayed up late to make some canes from the July issue of Cane Builder.  I was able to finish and photograph these just in time.  They are relatively fast once the preliminary work is done.  I have some more blends back home waiting for me if they don’t dry out in the Tucson summer. Achieving glowing color blends is very important for these canes.  All of these use my honey blend. If you subscribe for this cane, please allow me 24 hours to find internet again!  Thanks!

stained glass cane 1 stained glass cane 2   polymer clay stained glass canes 2 polymer clay stained glass canes 4 polymer clay stained glass canes 5

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