Polymer Clay Berry Color Skinner Blends

These blends aren’t aren’t as involved as most of the blends on my color blend pinboard.

Just the mixed Premo color and white.

These are all mixes of cadmium red and ultramarine blue. Red and blue are supposed to make purple right?  And isn’t there already a purple premo clay color?  Yes and yes. I specifically chose these two colors because the red has a lot of orange in it. This makes a neutralized purple.  That means it’s a muddy, or less intense purple. Or if you add more red, it’s like a brick red. I don’t always like ALL my colors to be super bright.

If you DO want to see some bright color recipes, check out this month’s canes!

Berry blend Colors

Polymer clay berry color blends

This one is 4 parts cadmium red : 1 part ultramarine

Raspberry Skinner blend

This one is half and half

Plum Skinner blend

This one is 4 parts ultramarine : 1 part cadmium red

Grape Skinner blend


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