Polymer Clay Moonrise Landscape Cane

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Here are the steps to making a moonrise landscape cane. I like it because of the way the craters on the moon are made.

moon cane

Start with a blend.

moon cane17


moon cane4

Cut off some of the light part of the blend. This is for the moon.

moon cane5

Marble the light part very slightly. Don’t mix or swirl it too much. Make it into one large ball and a few smaller balls.

moon cane6

Take what’s left of the blend, stretch it out, and make it into a stack.

moon cane7

moon cane8

Set the stack aside. Put creators in the moon like this.

moon cane9

moon cane11

moon cane12

Wrap the blend around the moon. Cut the curves off to make it square.

Moon cane13

moon cane 14

Reduce the square a little. Cut it in half. Add a while stripe to one side.

moon cane15

Use the left over dark clay to insert lines in the water for ripples in the reflection.

moon cane18

moon cane20

Polymer Clay Landscape Moon Cane


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1 Response to Polymer Clay Moonrise Landscape Cane

  1. Virginia Glenn says:

    I am working on a dragon costume for a horse costume show. I found your tutorial on dragon claws and can’t figure out how you made the white claws. Are they polymer clay also? along with the green “Toes”???? I bought the head and Mossy green embossed poly fabric for the body and tail. Thanks, V Glenn

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