In Honor of Pansies

From this tutorial

I’ve always been a wallflower. Waiting to be seen. Waiting to be told that I am worthy of honor. My joys have been secret joys. Dancing in wildflowers, nostalgia, beautiful china tea cups and tea parties, fairies. Often these delights were mocked, despised; at best passed over by people I was looking to to see if I mattered. So they were hidden away in the china cabinet and never used. Recently I’ve been taking them out, one by one, every morning and honoring them again. Taking joy. Celebrating what I love. And look, it turned into something beautiful to offer. That’s what happens when you go back and dig out those things you were once despised for. It turns out it was beautiful all along. What others once held in contempt becomes the soil and seeds of your best creative efforts. This seems so grandiose for something as inconsequential as a little pansy cane. But that is the small-hearted voice talking. Nothing is inconsequential about a piece of beauty and joy.

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