Polymer Clay Daffodil Murrine Canes

This back issue of Cane Builder has several flowers. The technique itself has countless possibilities. I don’t think I’ve ever seen polymer clay canes used like this before. When I realized what could be done, I was dreaming in possibilities all night! I was especially surprised with the result when I tried daffodils! Here are my beads and a tin covered by a subscriber, Sylvia DeCosta

daffodil beadsDaffodil tin

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4 Responses to Polymer Clay Daffodil Murrine Canes

  1. gillcscott says:

    Hi Meg
    Can I subscribe today (actually I would like to resubscribe) and still get this month’s subscription for flower cane please?

  2. Peggy Rose says:

    Can I subscribe, but still get this May tut? Pay a back subscription? Please let me know, I would really love to get this flower tut. Just found your sight on pintrist.

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