Glowing Polymer Clay Water Lily

My friend Andy is a fisherman. He had these tiny little glow sticks that you can buy online for fishing poles. He asked if we could find a way to use them in a clay creation. This is what we made! It’s a water lily with a glowing center. We pressed a glow stick into the clay to make seven little holes. After we baked the lily, we set glow sticks in all the little holes.

Water Lily how-toPolymer clay water lily lampGlowing water lilyPolymer clay glow stick lily

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4 Responses to Glowing Polymer Clay Water Lily

  1. Ellen Rubin says:

    Wow! The glow sticks add an amazing effect to the polymer clay!!
    Keep that creativity flowing!, and thanks for sharing!!
    Ellen Rubin

  2. swiatrowski says:

    Awesome! Thank your friend for me for the new toy… I have many ideas how to put these to use!

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