Polymer Clay Turtle Box Tutorial

I’m planning to have my elementary students decorate turtle boxes!  I think I’ll do the first few steps for them ahead of time so they can spend the whole class time decorating their turtles.  I haven’t decided weather or not I’ll have them use canes.  For my part, I’m very excited to have a new use for intricate canes now that it’s no longer time for Easter eggs (although eggs are still a top favorite!).  I bought the tin boxes here.

turtle box1 turtle box2 turtle box3 turtle box4 turtle box5 turtle box6 turtle box7 turtle box8polymer clay turtle boxpolymer clay turtlecanework turtle box canework turtle

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5 Responses to Polymer Clay Turtle Box Tutorial

  1. bravo c est franchement super bonne continuation a toi bises

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  3. Debbra Woznick says:

    Do you sell the tutorial for the canes?

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