Kumihimo Bead Making Classes in Tucson Arizona

These days gorgeous kumihimo necklaces are very popular.  However, it’s still hard to find the perfect focal bead with a hole large enough to slide over beaded kumihimo braids.  You’ve learned how to make a stunning braid, now learn how to make beads the perfect size, shape, and color to match your necklace!

$20 per hour.  All supplies included.  polymer clay kumihimo bead

Come visit me at 204 W Grant in La Placita de la Luna, or e-mail me at creatorsjoy.gmail.com.

studio in the rain

If you don’t live in Tucson, I’ll be posting a lot of info here.  The hardest part is the canework.  You can find all the tutorials in my etsy shop (polymerclayworkshop) or subscribe to Cane Builder ezine.



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1 Response to Kumihimo Bead Making Classes in Tucson Arizona

  1. Nichole Harper says:

    I wish you visited Tampa FL. 😊

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