Polymer Clay Nesting Boxes

Canework is perfect for making nesting boxes!  I love the way the pattern reduces down to the tiniest box!  I’ve wanted to make nesting boxes for years, but if I covered pre-made boxes, then they didn’t fit together anymore.  One day a reader told me that cardstock boxes can be soaked out with water after baking.  Here was the solution to my problem!  I can make boxes any size and shape I want.  Not only that, but these boxes would be made of pure clay!  I found that most of the cardstock could be pulled out of the box without even soaking it.  I used these templates, but they did have to be adjusted a little to make the top fit.  With a little ingenuity, I’m sure you could figure out your own.  polymer clay nesting boxes 2

You could use any cane.  These were made with canes from the October 2013 issue of Cane Builder (available starting Sept 25).

polymer clay nesting boxes 3

polymer clay nesting boxes

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