Flow and Creativity

I like to say “my favorite technique is the one I haven’t discovered yet”.  This past weekend was a eureka moment for me when I stumbled upon a new canework technique.  If it’s been done like this before, for this kind of cane, my deepest apologies.

It all started when I picked my parents up from the airport late Thursday night.  I figured I wouldn’t  sleep well, so I had absolutely no expectations of myself for Friday.  That is the key to flow and creativity.  No expectations.  Friday morning I slept in, and spent a leisurely breakfast playing around with colors for fall leaves.  My brain was looking for something that I didn’t know existed.  I kept trying one thing after another not even knowing why.  I pushed back my shower for an hour or two, tried to leave my project, and half-way down the hall, I would have to try just one more thing.  Mid afternoon, I had my first color-changing leaf cane.  Saturday I tried the technique for a glowing Jack-O-Lantern, and this morning, although I was extremely excited to send out the tutorial, I decided to try it one more time with spider webs.  Here are the results.  I guess what I like best, is how simple and fun they are.  The tutorial is available from my etsy shop.  I’ll also be sending it out for free to all my Cane Builder subscribers during the month of October.

polymer clay jack-o-lantern cane polymer clay fall leaf cane polymer clay spiderweb cane spiderweb vase


polymer clay halloween vase

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9 Responses to Flow and Creativity

  1. Katie Oskin says:

    Meg – This is one of the BEST tutorials you’ve sent. And they are ALL fantastic, but I love the uniqueness of this one. WOW! You’re so smart with canes my dear. Thank you so much!

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  3. Monique U says:

    Congrats on being featured (again) on PCD this morning, Meg!

  4. Totally crushing on those cool leaves! I have tried canes and they are hard for me. Seems like a lot of math and having to figure out things in reverse to get the look you want. I might have to try this technique as it really is quite lovely and I think the variations are what makes it most intriguing for me. Enjoy the day! Erin P.S. Congrats on being on PCD!

  5. vonnie says:

    I also have a few questions. I have subscribed, and payment is taken out by paypal. But I am a little confuse about it being a magazine. Or is this a tutorial. Which is fine but how do I get them, and also how can I get the back issues. Which are beautiful, and would love to see if I can make these, since I am new to polymer clay. I am interested in everything and knowing how to do these wonderful canes.

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