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Patchwork Cane Ornament

This looks like a complex way to cover a glass ball ornament.  However, if you follow the steps one at a time, the geometry of covering the round surface isn’t as complicated as it looks. You can use this pattern … Continue reading

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Polymer clay Sakura Tree Cane Tutorial

This technique incorporates the use of negative space.  I added blue flecks of clay in the mix of cherry blossoms to make it look like sky behind the tree.  I didn’t like the original tree because I didn’t think the … Continue reading

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Polymer Clay Canework Lizards

I’ve been making lots of lizards for Christmas presents, so I’ve had plenty of time to take more pictures. The first steps to this lizard can be seen in the original post about seahorses. Put an indentation in it’s underside … Continue reading

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Flow and Creativity

I like to say “my favorite technique is the one I haven’t discovered yet”.  This past weekend was a eureka moment for me when I stumbled upon a new canework technique.  If it’s been done like this before, for this … Continue reading

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Hidden Millefiori Canework Wine Glass

When I cover glass with cane slices, the inside of the glass looks perfect and beautiful.  Getting the outside to be even and smooth takes a little more work.  Since I love surprises, I thought about how cool it would … Continue reading

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Polymer Clay Custom Shank Buttons

Polymer clay is perfect for buttons!  I like to use cane slices because you automatically end up with multiple matching buttons. The easiest way is to cut a generous slice and form holes with a tooth pick.  These are from … Continue reading

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