Polymer Clay Canework Lizards

I’ve been making lots of lizards for Christmas presents, so I’ve had plenty of time to take more pictures.

The first steps to this lizard can be seen in the original post about seahorses.

lizard1 lizard2 lizard3 lizard4 lizard5 lizard6 lizard7 lizard8 lizard9 lizard10

Put an indentation in it’s underside so that it can hang on a wall like this.

blue lizard


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6 Responses to Polymer Clay Canework Lizards

  1. Those lizards are really cool, I mighr need some crawling around my house.

  2. MYT CR8TiV says:

    You can probably use foil instead of solid clay inside. Might make them a little lighter ? (- ~ -) Still wish I could make a cane but each one I make distorts and isn’t pretty.

    • angela clark says:

      Keep trying! Check your clay, what type are you using? Don’t rush, you can do it! Check out polymer clay pages on facebook, there’s a bunch, and free tutorials galore! I’m there, Search for me! Clay is awesome don’t give up! ūüôā

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  4. √Āngela says:

    Hello, I would like to know how I can get a lizard the same as the blue and white you have on your wall, the first one.

    Please, contact me.


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