How to make polymer clay crochet hooks that look like peppermint sticks!

Step 1:  Choose which colors you would like in your peppermint sticks.  (Use both pearl and white clay for a realistic candy effect)

Step 2:  Mix all the colors together so that the clay looks like marble.  No matter how you mix the clay, it will eventually make stripes that are much more interesting then if you were to measure them out perfectly.

peppermint crochet hook1

Step 3: Roll the ball of clay into a snake and fold it over.  Roll the clay smooth again and repeat until there are lines in the clay.  Two or three times should be enough.

peppermint crochet hook3

Step 4: Flatten the snake into a strip.

peppermint chrochet hook4

Step 5: Coat the crochet hook with translucent liquid sculpey.

peppermint crochet hook2

Step 6: Wrap the strip of clay around the crochet hook.  Bake according to package directions.

peppermint crochet hook5

polymer clay crochet hookspolymer clay peppermint crochet hooks

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