One Way to Cover an Egg with Polymer Clay

blue polymer clay egg

Every year I try to find new ways to cover eggs with clay.  These are the exact canes made in the blue tile tutorial.  However, you could use any square kaleidoscope cane.

Step 1:

Poke a very small hole in the top and bottom of an egg.  Blow the insides out.  If you break the egg up with the pin, it will come out more easily.

Step 2:

Wash or bleach the egg very well.  Make sure it is completely dry before you cover in with clay.  If you need to warm it in the oven to dry it, that works well.

Step 3:

Cover the egg.  Make sure you have plenty of firm cane.  You may need to let your canes sit out for a day or two.

Step 4:

Smooth the egg as well as possible.  Flattening the seems between the canes is very important.  Unfortunately, smoothing the egg also distorts the pattern.  I do most of the smoothing with sandpaper after the egg is baked.  I start with 60 grit, which is very large.

Step 5:

Before you bake the egg poke a tiny pinhole in the top to let the air out.  Otherwise the egg will have an “outie” belly button when it is baked!

egg tute 1

I cut a triangle out of one of the squares to make a hexagonal kaleidoscope for the bottom and top of the egg.egg tute2

I start with one end and work my way to the other end.  Finding the exact center at the top is quite difficult.  Do any of you have any tips?

egg tute 3

I don’t measure my cane slices to fit the egg.  I just choose how many I want (in this case the patten will repeat 6 times) and squish them into a ribbon.  Once you have a smooth ribbon of clay, just stretch it or condense it to fit around the egg exactly. egg tute 5egg tute 4

egg tute 7

Here you see that the ribbon was a little too long and I had to condense in a little to fit.

polymer clay egg tutorial

By the end, all you have left is one last hexagonal kaleidoscope. I wait to make it until I can tell what size it needs to be.

blue polymer clay egg 2

Here is another example

blue scroll work egg 2 blue scroll work egg blue scrollwork egg 3
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2 Responses to One Way to Cover an Egg with Polymer Clay

  1. Lisa says:

    An easy way to blow an egg is with a bicycle pump. I cut a hole in the top of a container (like cool whip or butter spread) just large enough for the egg to rest in. Put the lid on the container to catch the egg as it is blown out. You can switch to a lid without the hole if you want to save the eggs to use later. Then, poke holes in both sides of the egg and put in the hole. Insert the bicycle pump tip into the egg and gently blow out the egg. I rinse the egg then bake it so I’m not working with raw egg. While it is still hot I cover the holes with small pieces of clay and pop it back in the oven to cure. If i do this I don’t have to poke a hole in the egg later. Make sense? Hope so!

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