Polymer Clay Rose and Morning Glory Cane with no Backgound

Backgroundless canes allow for many possibilities.  Believe it or not, they can be imbedded right into the clay and even sanded.  If you look very carefully you may see where I sanded a little too much, but for the most part I’m amazed by the way they look as though they are painted right onto the clay.  That’s why I call this month’s canes “brush stroke” canes.

Check this out!  My favorite part is the way I can fold the slices of leaves to give them dimension.  You can see the process of reducing and applying the canes in this youtube video “How to reduce a cane with no background“.  The video shows beads.  These eggs where covered with a thin sheet of light blue clay, and then I worked the slices into the clay “canvas”.

polymer clay backgroundless morning glory cane polymer clay morning glory eggbackgroundless rose egg polymer clay flower cane eggs backgroundless cane egg

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