Overlapping Planes Canes

Wow, I love it when ideas spread through the clay world even when we don’t know it!  This morning, when I checked into Polymer Clay Daily I was amazed to see that an artist had beautifully executed an idea that I’ve been working with for a long time.  Here is a link to the post, Polymer Circle Illusions.  Do you see how the shapes overlap almost as if they were panes of stained glass?  I don’t know how Ana does it, but  you can certainly follow the links in the PCD post.

Overlapping planes cane

For the May issue of Cane Builder, I’ve been working with the idea of overlapping colors.  I  can’t wait to see your variations.  If fact, sometimes simple is best.  I might experiment with more basic variations of this technique…  Haha, I always say that when I send out an issue… there are so many paths to follow that there is infinite room for other cane makers to create their own innovations.

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