Marbled ink cane eggs

Here are two of countless ways to use marbled ink canes to cover eggs. These canes are made from the bonus tutorial that comes with a subscription to Cane Builder. One of the eggs is tiled with square canes.  I wanted to tile the egg in the same way for the purple egg, but I wanted the canes to have a vertical diamond shape. I wrapped the original cane in a gold blend outline and added purple triangles to the corners.

bonus cane egg

I’m still not sure if I used the original cane to it’s greatest advantage.  Maybe I could take a single slice and feature it in the middle somehow.  I suppose there is a lot of variation I could add like the egg in this post.  Imagine that egg with a marbled ink cane.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Marbled ink cane egg 2 Marbled ink cane egg marbled ink cane variations Marbled ink cane with gold outline

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