Green Polymer Clay Color Blend Recipes

Here are the stencils for four different green color blends. These blends are all a bright, pure greens. I came up with these arched cuts because I was tired of obvious lines in the blends when I wanted them to be a smooth transition. Smooth transitions are much easier when the colors are closer in value. That’s why the spring green is just a basic two-color blend. However I wanted the magic green to really glow. I wanted a bend from very light to very dark green without loosing the bright green in the middle.

I’ve done my best with the photographs, but I can’t promise they will look right on your screen.  These are for Premo brand polymer clay.

Polymer clay green blend experiments

Here is the the pdf of stencils for what I can Emerald and Magic green. Emerald and Magic green recipe stencils

Emerald Green

Polymer clay emerald green recipePolymer clay emerald green blend

Emerald green plugEmerald green gemstone cane

The canes are from my Gemstone Cane tutorial.

Magic Green

Polymer Clay Magic green recipePolymer clay magic green blendMagic green plugmagic green gemstone

Magic green gemstone cane sheet

Here is the pdf for the Summer and Spring green blends. I don’t have extra pictures of the Spring green since it is so easy. Sumer and Spring green recipe stencils

Summer Green

Polymer clay summer green blendPolymer clay summer green blend 2

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3 Responses to Green Polymer Clay Color Blend Recipes

  1. Love these blends! I tried to download the templates, but was unable to. It saves as “redirecting” and nothing is there. Any help?

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