Glowing verses subtle color blends

Understanding contrast and value is very important in making blends.  Sometimes you will want a dark to light blend that goes almost to white.  Sometimes, you will want subtle, rich color blends that go from light to dark without losing intensity.  These canes from my Picture Cane Tutorial use the more subtle blends like the Leaf blend and Ocean blue blend.

Blue Blend Picture Canes

The subtle blends are basic with only two colors.  So far, the only way I’ve learned to make glowing blends is to use at least three colors.  Because these are a little more involved I’ve made printable stencils for the Sapphire Blue and Glowing green. Glowing color blends

This is Premo brand Ultramarine,  Turquoise and White

Polymer clay Sapphire blue Skinner blend recipe Polymer clay Sapphire blue Skinner blend

To make an Ocean blue blend (the block on the left), just make a basic blend from Ultramarine and Turquoise.

Polymer Clay blue Skinner blocks

Here you can see the difference in value.

Leaf green The dark green is 2parts black and 5 parts green. The light green is Wasabi.

Polymer clay leaf green blend recipe Polymer clay leaf green Skinner blend

Glowing green

Polymer Clay Glowing Green Color RecipePolymer clay glowing green Skinner blend

Polymer clay green Skinner blocks

As I add new recipes, I’ll post them to my pinterest board about

Polymer Clay Color Blends.

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