Heart to Heart Collaboration

I’ve always been inspired by Ron Lehocky ‘s hearts.  He makes and sells these hearts to contribute to the Kid’s Center for Pediatric Therapies in Louisville, KY.

Here is a video about how he makes the hearts https://vimeo.com/110528917 , and here is information on the Kid’s Center http://kidscenterky.org/HowToHelp/

I sent him some canes, and these are some of the hearts he made.  I was very excited to see these pictures and honored and delighted to be a part of the project!!!

.Ron Lehocky 3D hearts Ron Lehocky Heart Butterflies Ron Lehocky Hearts Ron Lehocky Patchwork Cane Hearts Ron Lehocky Polymer Clay Candy Ron Lehocky Polymer Clay Cane Hearts Ron Lehocky Quilt Hearts

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1 Response to Heart to Heart Collaboration

  1. Mindy Hartwell says:

    What a wonderful thing he does! It is pretty awesome that you donated too! I’m facinated by the two canes in the first pic. Do you offer the tutorial? I’ve only recently joined CaneBuilders, so there are a lot of patterns I haven’t seen yet.

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