Rainbow Polymer Clay Color Blend

There are lots of ways to make rainbow blend depending on what you need.  I wanted a rainbow blend that was somewhat consistent in value.  Using red, purple or ultramarine made the cools in the rainbow too dark for what I needed.  Using turquoise and magenta was a pleasant surprise!

I use these printable stencils to cut out each color.  Here is the pdf rainbow.  This rectangle fits well into most pasta machines.  I like to fill up the whole pasta machine with my blends because it guides the blend into a more even rectangular shape.  Besides, it’s so much work to make blends that it’s worth making more that you need.  In fact, you can double the clay thickness before you cut out the sections to make even more of the blend.

I added magenta on both sides because now it’s a perfectly continuous transition if I want to repeat the blend (as I often do in casework).

To see my color discoveries as I find them check out my pinterest board.  Also, I will often include exclusive color blend recipes in issues of Cane Builder.

Premo: Magenta, Cadmium Yellow, Turquoise

Polymer clay rainbow color recepie

Polymer Clay Rainbow Blend

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