Polymer Clay Indigo Shibori Canes

Adding texture to canework makes all the difference!  Here I’ve added fabric texture.  First I reduced the canes even smaller than I wanted them to be because I knew that the pattern would spread out as I flattened it more.  I placed sliced of the canes side by side and slightly pressed them together.  Sometimes I run the sheet through the pasta machine.  Of course the pasta machine distorts the pattern, so I run it through once, switch to a thinner setting, rotate the sheet 90 degrees, and then run it through again.  I press the sheet against fabric.  Sometimes, if I’m really brave I run the clay and the fabric through the pasta machine together.  It might be good to put a little corn starch on the fabric first because the clay might stick.  You know what else works really well?  Sheets of canvas.  I use a pad of painting canvas sheets that I bought at the art store.

Polymer clay Indigo Shibori samples polymer clay indigo shibori texture

These buttons were made by Pat SernykPat's buttons2pat's buttons

These hearts were made by Ron Lehocky Ron shibori hearts

This “fabric” was made with the indigo shibori canes from the July 2015 issue of Cane Builder.  These canes were features on Polymer Clay Daily!

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  1. Judy Rickman says:

    I really want this information in CANE BUILDER, but pay pal is not an option. how else can I subscribe?​

    *Judy Rickman*

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