Polymer clay millefiori canework is a unique and amazing art form. There are a few special properties that make it unlike any other medium. The patterns stay in tact no matter how small you reduce them. You can make multiple sizes of the same pattern. This allows you to multiply, fold, and further reduce your designs.

One special property of this medium is the ease with which it can be squished and bent into beautiful curves and swirls. Complex patterns can be designed with simple impressions made in the clay. Of course there are many tools that can manipulate the clay, but I’ve always been looking for just the right sizes. Besides, since polymer clay has a strange reaction to many materials, it’s important that tools be made with something safe like these acrylic rollers be Teresa Pandora Salgado. I was very excited to my my own set. I sat down to write a review, but this great article says it all. It has a free video tutorial and information about ordering.

For my part, I was excited to use these with one of my favorite tutorials. Those of you who are subscribers should already have this bonus tutorial, and you can just imagine how useful these Canbenders will be!

Cane Bender cane slices

Canebenders marbled ink

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