Polymer Clay Turquoise Blend Recipe

This afternoon I’ve been experimenting with more color blends to add to my pin board of color recipes.  I’ve been trying to find good turquoise or aqua color blends.

This one is 5 parts ultramarine and 1 part green/ the middle is 5 parts turquoise to 1 part green/ sunshine.  I think the sunshine made it too green to be a good Turquoise so I just call it Cool Green.  Next time I’ll try just the two greenish colors in a straight Skinner blend. Here is the printable template for both blends. aqua blend

cool green blendcool green blend2

This next one is a beautiful aqua blend!

The upper left corner is 5 parts ultramarine to 1 part green. The middle is turquoise and the lower corner is white.

aqua blend1aqua blend2

Since I wanted to modify the cool green blend a little, I just ran it through the pasta machine with the aqua blend to make a mixed blend!

mixed blend1mix blend2

I had fun modifying blends. Instead of starting over with a blend, sometimes you can make what you want by mixing in a new color. This was a dark turquoise made from the 5:1 ratio in the top blends blended with white. I wanted it to look a little more green so I mixed in a small strip of sunshine. Doing this also gives it less of a dark to light contrast. If I wanted to maintain the strong contrast I would have had to modify it with another dark to light blend. However, sometimes you definitely want to even it out a bit and this is a good way to do it.

blend mix-in2blend mix-in3blend mix-in4

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3 Responses to Polymer Clay Turquoise Blend Recipe

  1. Binky Melnik says:

    I feel stupid asking this, Meg, but I can’t tell in which direction you’re folding these. My first thought was bottom to top because that’s how we make Skinner blends, but looking at the results, I’m kinda thinking these should be folded left to right. Granted, I’m super-tired so I may not be thinking/seeing properly. I’d be grateful if you’d help a tired dummy out. Thanks!

    — Your biggest fan

    • Yes, you are right. Top to bottom.

      • Binky Melnik says:

        Now that I’ve slept and am refreshed, I feel even stupider for asking. I looked at the blends again, and can see that they’re obviously folded top to bottom.

        This is what I get for asking questions when my brain isn’t engaged, clearly. Let’/ hope I’ve learned not to do that THIS time!

        And thanks for helping me out, Meg; you rock!

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