Polymer Clay Canework Swan

I’ve always admired the way some polymer artists are able to cover animals. You can see some of them, and other project tutorials of mine on this  pinboard.

I honestly don’t know how some artists do such an amazing job covering their work. it’s like a puzzle to figure out how to arrange the can slices. This is what I’ve figured out for this swan. The canes are from the January 2017 issue of Cane Builder.

I started with this idea.


I wanted a nice, strong, heavy base, so I found a teardrop shaped rock. (the Tucson desert has rocks everywhere!)

Swan sculpture1 swan sculpture 2

I put wire in to hold up the neck. You can’t see it here, but the white clay was never perfectly smooth around the neck. It didn’t matter though, because I was planning to cover it anyway.

swan sculpture4 swan sculpture3

I baked the swan with wings not pictured here BEFORE I added the canework. This yellow card stock is the pattern. I made the whole wing before I placed it on the pre-baked white wing on the swan. Any arrangement of canes would work.

swan sculpture5 swan sculpture6

Finish the head and neck by placing canes wherever they fit!

zentangle swan


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