Polymer Clay Canework Fish Sculptures

To continue with my experiments with canework animals I decided to try this month’s cane with this fish tutorial.

This post might also be helpful for those of you who want to try this crazy color scheme in premo brand clay.

Rainbow fish

For these fish I used the Reddish purple color and my all time favorite gold blend.

I also used a green blend. The dark green is a mix of 4 parts purple to 5 parts green (purple is a wonderful mix-in for more natural-looking green or a dark green that isn’t too blue). The light green is wasabi. I added that bottom strip of wasabi last minute because I new it would be too dark if I didn’t!


The purple is a mix of equal parts ultramarine blue and purple. Just a normal Skinner blend with white.

Polymer clay lilac blendPolymer clay canework fish

Zentangle fish

Finally, here is a variation of a kaleidoscope with this month’s canes and this color scheme.

Jewel tone clay color scheme



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