Polymer Clay Coffee or Tea Cup Canes

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Step 1: Make a grey to white blend (or any color blend you want). You will be slicing it according to the marks indicated. Don’t worry about size as much a approximate proportion.

coffee cup2

Step 2: Stat with the biggest piece.

coffee cup3

Step 3: Form it into the shape you want for the side of the cup. You can change the shape as you go.

coffee cup4

Step 4: Slice four thin slices. This part isn’t entirely necessary, but I like the way it looks. The rim should be very thin. I’ve been very particular about where I want the dark and light, so I’ve added some extra steps.

coffee cup5

Step 5: Lay the slices end to end with dark and light touching.

coffee cup6

Step 7: Slice off part of one dark end as shown above. Attach it at the other end.

coffee cup7

Step 8: Cut this newly arranged strip in half.

coffee cup8

Step 9: Add one half to the cup shape. Match dark to light and light to dark. Notice the darkest part isn’t exactly touching the lightest part. It will take some work to get it to fit. If necessary, slice off some of the edge to make it fit.

coffee cup9

Step 10: Pinch the side of a log of brown clay so that the end looks like a football shape.

coffee cup10

Step 11: Cut off the ends of this shape to make it fit and to make nice, crisp, edges. Even thought the pictures show the next three steps attached to the main project, it may be easier to make the coffee, inside wall, and rim all together first and make sure there is a smooth curved edge to add to the cup.

coffee cup12

Step 12: Form the next largest section into a thin, curved line that will look like the inside wall of the cup. The light and dark should be opposite from the big side of the cup. Leave room for the rim.

coffee cup13

Step 13: Add The rest of the rim. Make sure it looks seamless with the bottom part of the rim. Thats why I said earlier, that you may want to put these three parts together first and then make them all fit the cup together.

coffee cup15

Step 14: Now for the handle. Place the last two piece together with the white touching. Squish these together very well. Otherwise they will come apart. Cut off the darkest part of one end. This little piece will not be used.

coffee cup 17

Step 15: Attach a teardrop shape of the background color to the side of the cup. Wrap this with the bend that has been formed into a handle. Make sure it’s the shape and size you want. You make have to further squish or slice some off.

coffee cup18

coffee cup20

Step 16: Pack in the background. Here are a few pictures of how I did it.

coffee cup21

coffee cup22

coffee cup23

coffee cup24

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