Millefiori Fondant Canes

I’ve never used fondant before, but for years now I’ve wanted to try making fondant canes! I finally picked up some pre-packaged fondant at the craft store because I was too lazy to make my own. It’s certainly different from polymer clay, but I found it to be more workable and forgiving than I expected. Of course, I’ve had many years of cane-making practice, so I have no idea what this would be like for a beginner. I made the fondant canes almost the same way I did in this tutorial  with a few differences. I painted a very thin layer of water between layers of color to make sure the sheets stuck together. I was able to reduce the canes a little, but for the most part I sliced them at the same size they were assembled. I used the same type of tools I use with clay, but brand new tools! Never eat anything made with the same tools or work surface you use with polymer clay. The tissue blade is necessary to slice clean slices. I thought I would need a pasta machine, but the fondant rolled out beautifully with just an acrylic roller. I use these tools only because I don’t know about cake making stuff. I sliced the triangles separately (rather than putting them all together before slicing as I did in the tute) and placed them on a base sheet of fondant. Again, a very small amount of water between pieces helps things stick. I also worked it and warmed it up in my hands. It is not easy to get things smooth. When I first sliced the canes, the face of the slices looked a little dull. They were also a little squished. I had to work each slice back to a nice shape before I could add it to the the sheet.

Once the cake was covered I rubbed it down with vegetable shortening on a paper towel.

Fondant Cake ToolsFondant Millefiori Zendoodle CakeFondant Zentangle Millefiori

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  1. What a great idea, Meg! I’m surprised it worked so well.

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