Windmill Quilt Block Cane in Polymer Clay

If you have fun with this post, come check out this month’s Cane Builder cane.

Notice that the triangles are different from each other. The colored triangles are the same size and shape, but the white is different. On one, the white is a right triangle exactly like the green. On the other, the white is a four sided shape with one of the sides at a slant to make the pink triangle into a larger triangle. It is important to copy the angles correctly.

Windmill cane

Here’s another version that I actually like better. I have to admit, I assemble these wrong every time and I have to cut them up and try again! It’s so hard to get the light color on the right part of the triangle.

There is a tiny video on the blended triangles on the polymerclayworkshop instagram. Sorry I can’t post it here. basically, you just stack a skinner blend into a block and squish two corners together to turn it into a triangle.

new pinwheel cane polymer clay pinwheel cane

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    Meg I need to talk to you about the monthly fee and what it includes. I have’nt received anything in months but I’m getting charged $5.00 per month. Please advise.

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