Polymer Clay Coral Reef Canes

Here are some Coral Reef and Under the Sea canes made by subscribers. I’ve received more beautiful pictures, but these are the ones I have saved on this computer at the moment. The tutorial and video for these can be found on my Patreon page here


polymer clay coral display4

These beads are by Minky Toms

Miny's bead and cabMinky's beads

These cabs are by Peggy Rose.

Peggy's Coral ReefPeggy's Coral Reef 2

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2 Responses to Polymer Clay Coral Reef Canes

  1. Catherine Stewart says:

    Hi. I’m confused about the difference between polymer clay workshop, which I have subscribed to for years, and your patreon page. Are they the same? I am unable to view the videos and tutorials when I click on the link. Please advise.  Cathy Stewart

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