Making Polymer Clay Videos

My Instagram videos have become way more popular than I ever imagined. I may never know why. I thought I’d share my process with you. More than that though, I want to encourage you to try things even when you don’t think you have the resources or the expertise. My entire career I’ve done things that I “don’t know how to do”. I’ve felt like I’ve faked my expertise all the way through. I went ahead and did things way before I felt like I had them right or knew what I was doing. My subscribers know that my issues still have typos and I can be a terribly spacey, absent-minded artist. But I’d rather do things imperfectly than not do them at all.

I had no idea how to make videos! I thought I needed all kinds of special lighting and equipment. One day, out of sheer necessity, I grabbed a block of clay, set my iphone on it, and reached my hands around either side of the phone to work with the clay.

Polymer clay video making

Many of my videos very get edited. Often however, I want to speed it up. I got the app Slow Fast Slow. It is very easy and a lot of fun.

I also like to add clips together. I have imovie on my iphone. A little playing around and maybe googling a few things, and I was able to add voiceover, edit clips, add text (although this option could be better), import still photos, and import music.

I even imported videos that I had made in Slow Fast Slow, but I’m not sure

All the music from my videos comes from Soundstripe. It’s a small monthly fee, but I think musicians should be paid for their art. It’s so great to be able to use any music I want and feel good about it. Use my special coupon code RAINBOW for 10% off.

From Soundstripe, I save the song I’ve licensed to the dropbox app on my iphone. From dropbox there is an option to export to imovie. In imovie you find the music by tapping the +  then Audio, then Imported.

You can add voiceover by tapping the + then Voiceover. Haha, it’s trippy for someone shy like my to record my voice, but at least I can keep starting over. Again, I don’t go for perfection.

Finally, if you want to make really easy how-to craft videos, you could also check out That’s how I made the video about How to make star bows.

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