Polymer Clay Poinsettia Cane


Polymer Clay Christmas pattern canes

The snowflake and gold canes are on my Patron site. The following instructions are for the poinsettia cane.

Step 1: Make a blend and stack it. Here is a video I made a long time ago about how I stack blends. I used Premo brand: half Pomegranate Red and half dark red which mixed from 1 part Pomegranate to 1 part black. Don’t blend directly to black. It’s already pretty dark. Add one more sheet of red, or even red mixed with a little white to the top of the stack if it looks too dark.

Step 2: Reduce the blend so that it’s like a long rectangular cane. Cut it in half and stack it so that one dark side is touching one light side.

Step 3: Formed the block into a petal shape by pinching the top and bottom of the block together along the whole length of the cane.

polymer clay poinsettia cane petal

Step 4: Pack in the background of the petal. Use only a tiny bit at the bottom. I do this by making logs of translucent clay and then pinching and forming them to make exactly the shape pictured below.

Step 5: Make a center by taking a small amount of yellow and rolling it into a log. Wrap the log in the leftover dark red or brown or black. Cut the roll into seven equal sections and arrange them as pictured. Reduce this new can and use only as much as you need to fit the center proportionally. You can always use any left over center for other flowers.

Poinsettia cane tutorial

Step 6: Reduce the petal cane and slice it into 7 sections. Arrange them around the center.

Polymer Clay Poinsettia cane tutorial1

Polymer clay Christmas cane beadsPolymer Clay Poinsettia Cane Bead


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