Polymer clay fall tree cane tutorial


Awhile back a posted a tutorial about a cherry tree cane.  This is the same idea, just with a fall tree.  I love the way mixed up clay makes beautiful bark on the tree!

fall tree cane 1 fall tree cane 2 fall tree cane 3 fall tree cane 4 fall tree cane 5 fall tree cane 6 fall tree cane 7 fall tree cane 8 fall tree cane 9 fall tree cane

Also check out one of my favorite leaf tutorials!

fire leaves polymer clay fall leaf cane



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Designer’s Workshop

My all-time favorite part of working with clay is playing and designing!  Any time I sit down with a pencil and this wonderful mirror tool I can easily get lost for hours dreaming up new designs.  I took these three canes

mirror kaleidoscope 1

and came up with this kaleidoscope cane.

mirror kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope canes work just like real kaleidoscopes, so I thought, “why not make a video that shows canework just as though I were looking at an ever-changing kaleidoscope”!  Here is the link to the video and a few more pictures of designing with the use of mirrors.

mirror designs 1 mirror designs 2 mirror designs 3

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Glowing Color Blends for Polymer Clay

Here are some color blend experiments with alizarin crimson,  premo brand, polymer clay.alizarin blend 1 alizarin blend 2 alizarin blend 3 alizarin blend 4

Here I’ve introduced blush.

alizarin blend 5 alizarin blend 6

and here I have added sunshine.

alizarin blend 7alizarin blend 8

This one one of several blends I made from my Marbled Cane tutorial.  It is the bonus tutorial for new subscribers to Cane Builder.

polymer clay stained glass canes 5

My first trial was the honey blend.  I’ll post new blends as I discover them.

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Illuminated Stained Glass Canes Gallery

I’m on a wonderful road trip!  I’m currently sitting in Deep Creek Coffee outside of Zion National Park in Utah (lovely shop, and also my chance to get internet).  Today I hope to take my chalk pastels out and do some plein air painting (I’m a landscape painter as well as a polymer clay artist).  My favorite this is to attempt to capture light in painting, and now in clay.  The night before my trip I stayed up late to make some canes from the July issue of Cane Builder.  I was able to finish and photograph these just in time.  They are relatively fast once the preliminary work is done.  I have some more blends back home waiting for me if they don’t dry out in the Tucson summer. Achieving glowing color blends is very important for these canes.  All of these use my honey blend. If you subscribe for this cane, please allow me 24 hours to find internet again!  Thanks!

stained glass cane 1 stained glass cane 2   polymer clay stained glass canes 2 polymer clay stained glass canes 4 polymer clay stained glass canes 5

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Polymer clay honey color blend

I’ve been experimenting with new ways to make glowing color blends.  This blend was inspired by light glowing through the honey jar.  This is premo clay.

Colors right out of the package: Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Orange, Cadmium Yellow, White

honey blend1 honey blend2 honey blend3 honey blend4 honey blend5

I decided to turn this blend into a gemstone cane.honey gemstone

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Overlapping Planes Canes

Wow, I love it when ideas spread through the clay world even when we don’t know it!  This morning, when I checked into Polymer Clay Daily I was amazed to see that an artist had beautifully executed an idea that I’ve been working with for a long time.  Here is a link to the post, Polymer Circle Illusions.  Do you see how the shapes overlap almost as if they were panes of stained glass?  I don’t know how Ana does it, but  you can certainly follow the links in the PCD post.

Overlapping planes cane

For the May issue of Cane Builder, I’ve been working with the idea of overlapping colors.  I  can’t wait to see your variations.  If fact, sometimes simple is best.  I might experiment with more basic variations of this technique…  Haha, I always say that when I send out an issue… there are so many paths to follow that there is infinite room for other cane makers to create their own innovations.

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Polymer Clay Rose and Morning Glory Cane with no Backgound

Backgroundless canes allow for many possibilities.  Believe it or not, they can be imbedded right into the clay and even sanded.  If you look very carefully you may see where I sanded a little too much, but for the most part I’m amazed by the way they look as though they are painted right onto the clay.  That’s why I call this month’s canes “brush stroke” canes.

Check this out!  My favorite part is the way I can fold the slices of leaves to give them dimension.  You can see the process of reducing and applying the canes in this youtube video “How to reduce a cane with no background“.  The video shows beads.  These eggs where covered with a thin sheet of light blue clay, and then I worked the slices into the clay “canvas”.

polymer clay backgroundless morning glory cane polymer clay morning glory eggbackgroundless rose egg polymer clay flower cane eggs backgroundless cane egg

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