Polymer Clay Rose and Morning Glory Cane with no Backgound

Backgroundless canes allow for many possibilities.  Believe it or not, they can be imbedded right into the clay and even sanded.  If you look very carefully you may see where I sanded a little too much, but for the most part I’m amazed by the way they look as though they are painted right onto the clay.  That’s why I call this month’s canes “brush stroke” canes.

Check this out!  My favorite part is the way I can fold the slices of leaves to give them dimension.  You can see the process of reducing and applying the canes in this youtube video “How to reduce a cane with no background“.  The video shows beads.  These eggs where covered with a thin sheet of light blue clay, and then I worked the slices into the clay “canvas”.

polymer clay backgroundless morning glory cane polymer clay morning glory eggbackgroundless rose egg polymer clay flower cane eggs backgroundless cane egg

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One Way to Cover an Egg with Polymer Clay

blue polymer clay egg

Every year I try to find new ways to cover eggs with clay.  These are the exact canes made in the blue tile tutorial.  However, you could use any square kaleidoscope cane.

Step 1:

Poke a very small hole in the top and bottom of an egg.  Blow the insides out.  If you break the egg up with the pin, it will come out more easily.

Step 2:

Wash or bleach the egg very well.  Make sure it is completely dry before you cover in with clay.  If you need to warm it in the oven to dry it, that works well.

Step 3:

Cover the egg.  Make sure you have plenty of firm cane.  You may need to let your canes sit out for a day or two.

Step 4:

Smooth the egg as well as possible.  Flattening the seems between the canes is very important.  Unfortunately, smoothing the egg also distorts the pattern.  I do most of the smoothing with sandpaper after the egg is baked.  I start with 60 grit, which is very large.

Step 5:

Before you bake the egg poke a tiny pinhole in the top to let the air out.  Otherwise the egg will have an “outie” belly button when it is baked!

egg tute 1

I cut a triangle out of one of the squares to make a hexagonal kaleidoscope for the bottom and top of the egg.egg tute2

I start with one end and work my way to the other end.  Finding the exact center at the top is quite difficult.  Do any of you have any tips?

egg tute 3

I don’t measure my cane slices to fit the egg.  I just choose how many I want (in this case the patten will repeat 6 times) and squish them into a ribbon.  Once you have a smooth ribbon of clay, just stretch it or condense it to fit around the egg exactly. egg tute 5egg tute 4

egg tute 7

Here you see that the ribbon was a little too long and I had to condense in a little to fit.

polymer clay egg tutorial

By the end, all you have left is one last hexagonal kaleidoscope. I wait to make it until I can tell what size it needs to be.

blue polymer clay egg 2

Here is another example

blue scroll work egg 2 blue scroll work egg blue scrollwork egg 3
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Miniature Blue China Tea Set in Polymer Clay

When I looked at the blue scrollwork pattern in the March 2014  issue of Cane Builder, it immediately reminded me of a china tea set!  This etsy tutorial shows you how to make tea sets from any round kaleidoscope cane, or you could make one in your own way. After all, a slice from a round cane is automatically a plate!  I sometimes bring a pre-made round cane for the kids when we make miniature food and cake!miniature blue tea set polymer clay blue china miniature tea set polymer clay blue china

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Polymer clay Sakura Tree Cane Tutorial

This technique incorporates the use of negative space.  I added blue flecks of clay in the mix of cherry blossoms to make it look like sky behind the tree.  I didn’t like the original tree because I didn’t think the branches were delicate enough.  I chopped up the clay and rearranged it.  Which one do you like better?

cherry tree1 cherry tree2 cherry tree3 cherry tree4 cherry tree6 cherry tree7 cherry tree8 cherry tree9polymer clay cherry tree cane

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Polymer Clay Demonstrations During the Tucson Gem a Mineral Show

If you know anyone visiting the Gem and Mineral Show this week in Tucson, AZ, tell them to come visit me The Tucson Artist’s Colony near Grant and Oracle!  You can find me at my studio’s Facebook page (TheBirdsNestTucson), or e-mail me at creatorsjoy@gmail.com.  I’ll answer questions about building canes or covering bead, mirrors, eggs, lizards etc… You can see free a demonstration of any of the tutorials you see here.

tucson gem show polymer clay bead Tucson gem show polymer clay egg Tucson gem show polymer clay lizard Tucson Gem show polymer clay mirror Tucson Gem show polymer clay pendant

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Polymer clay sun cane tutorial


polymer clay sun cane tutorial

I just posted the tutorial for these canes over at creatorsjoy.blogspot.com.   There are quite a few tutorials over there as I can decide which of these will be my main blog!  Also, these unbaked canes are available for a limited time from my etsy shop.


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Polymer Clay Cane Mirror

I absolutely fell in love with these flower tile canes.  I decided they would be the perfect canes for a mirror I bought several months ago.  The fun part was baking the tiles first because then I could play around with them and practice arranging them in different patterns.  I suppose I could have glued to tiles directly to the mirror.  I think I might try that next time.  These tiles were cut very unevenly!  Squishing them into the unbaked clay evened the out a little.  I wrapped the black clay around the side of the mirror just to keep it from falling off.

mirror4mirror1mirror2mirror3mirror5mirror6mirror7 mirror8 mirror9 mirror10 mirror11 mirror12 mirror13 mirror14 mirror15

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