Cane Builder Subscription

Cane Builder February doodle canesrainbow bright

Polymer Clay Rainbow light flower

These constantly emerging, innovative canework techniques  have been featured on the most prominent international polymer clay sites.  Now they will be shared exclusively with Cane Builder subscribers before they are available anywhere else!  To see a glimpse the canes in past issues, click here.  Not all issue will be made available through etsy. This is the subscribe button.    I could only find one that said “donate”. Only $5 per month!  Contact me with any questions. Let me know if you prefer to pay with check, or money order.  Cancel any time.  If you have any problems at all please e-mail me at All new subscribers will receive the Marbled Cane tutorial as a bonus.  This tutorial is not available elsewhere. If you are wondering what people do with canes, check out my pinterest boards for Cane Projects and Cane Jewelry

. polymer clay marbled ink canemarbled butterfly cane marbled kaleidoscope cane marbled ink cane kaleidoscopes

Read a little more about it, and find free “tutorial pages” here.

146 Responses to Cane Builder Subscription

  1. Poonam says:

    Wondering if I can pay for whole year by credit card.
    Please suggest.

  2. Kathleen Stevens says:

    I have joined you, but I can’t figure out how to get to your lessons. Help please. I used pay pal.

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