Cane Builder Subscription

If you can’t find the image you saw on Pinterest or another link, it may have moved to my etsy shop! See the directory of every Cane Builder every written!

To receive access to video as well as the pdf please support me at Patreon!

stack of teal bangles

These constantly emerging, innovative canework techniques  have been featured on the most prominent international polymer clay sites. You have the ability to cancel at any time.  If you have any problems at all please e-mail me at I always send and re-send any missing tutorials, but I have no way to know if you do not receive your tutorials unless you contact me. If you are wondering what people do with canes, check out my pinterest boards for Cane Projects and Cane Jewelry

. polymer clay marbled ink canemarbled butterfly cane marbled kaleidoscope cane marbled ink cane kaleidoscopes

164 Responses to Cane Builder Subscription

  1. Alison Burgess says:

    I signed up for your magazine on Friday and I do not see a charge on my debit today. How do I check to make sure the order went through? Amazon is not showing it either. Thank you, and thanks for putting out a new pc magazine.

    • I know! That stressed me out a little bit too, but it’s all better now :). I’ll be sending out the issues on the 25th of every month (for the following month) However, I’m so excited that I’ll try to send out the Easter egg part tomorrow!

      • Erin Brunner says:

        You are so funny!! What a great sense of humor to go with your great sense of style!! Keep them coming girlfriend, I’m enjoying every minuete of it. I’ll send pic’s when I get my camera fixed. I even bought one of your tutorials to boot!!
        Clay on!!

  2. Alison Burgess says:

    If I press the donate to paypal button will that sign me up for the magazine or is it not ready yet? I’m confused as to whether you are still having the magazine or not.

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  4. Donna Ingram says:

    I just signed up !! Can’t wait for them.

  5. Claire Will says:

    Yeah! All signed up.

  6. Alison Burgess says:

    What day will you be putting out April’s Cane Builder Magazine? Can’t wait!

  7. Alison Burgess says:

    Yes I received the first one and I really liked that’s why I’m excited about this time of the month lol.

  8. Susan Leach says:

    How do I sign up? I don’t see a “subscribe” button.

  9. Linda Holz says:

    can I use your patterns to make my own items? Such as pendents for necklaces, etc? I have already done one for a turtle a few years ago. Thank you, I will be subscribing with my next paycheck.

  10. Kathy says:

    Hi Meg,
    I signed up pn May 3131 through paypal but i have not received my issues yet. Could something be wrong. Let me know. I am ready to get worrking.

  11. Jane Mahneke says:

    How many issues have already come out? Is it possible to still get those?

    • This July issue will be the forth issue. If you subscribe today, you will receive the June and July issue. April and May’s issues are available through etsy ( Back issues are $10 and will always be available. The current coupon code is COMPLEXCANE2 for 20% off everything in the shop. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. Gloria Franco says:

    Hi, I’ve just signed up and was wondering when I would receive my first issue? Lovely work..cant wait to learn how. Thanks Gloria

  13. Judy Johnson says:

    Help! I have a question about July’s Cane Builder. On the “Salt Water Taffy” Color Schene page you show a picture of 4 fuchsia + 1 blue mix. After you make a cane for each of the 4 fuchsia and the 1 navy blue + a trace of orange what do you do to get the varied color of the fushia or the blue to create the lines in the clay, do you stack the clay or do you cut it into sections or what do you do? I just can’t figure it out. Help!
    I hope that I sent this to the correct email address.

  14. Claire Will says:

    Any news on when I’ll get July’s, as my payment has been taken… Transaction ID : 04B993281S544791J

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  17. lorraine says:

    Hi Joy, I’m from beautifull Cape Town, South Africa! I just find ur work so beautifull, inspiring, just WOW! There will come a day that I will be abel to affort tu send $5! But for now I just look, appriciate and stay positive! God bless an ur sutch an inspiration to many artists all over the world! Vader se rykste seeninge vir jou, familie, besigheid! Jy is Sy klei in Sy hande en Hy gebruik jou deur jou kuns om ons aan te raak! Jy n besonderse, begaafde klei vrou en SY kind! Alle seen, vreugde, voorspoed! Lorraine

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  19. beth says:

    where are the free tutorial pages it mentions.. i wanted to see what they are like before i commit to buy

  20. terry haendiges says:

    Just sent my first payment. Can’t wait to see them. Thanks

  21. Tante Sherry says:

    Hi Meg looking forward to learning from you each month now
    how could I pass up getting 2 for 1 – almost missed it :/ So Glad I turned on the computer this afternoon 😀

  22. Caroline says:

    Hi, do you have anyone from the U.K. yet? I’ve just signed up and I’m soo excited. x

  23. Judy Johnson says:

    You will totally love it, the canes are really cool and the instructions are great, I just love it!

  24. Judy Johnson says:

    This is such a fantastic opportunity for people to learn cane building. You will be makiing some of the most gorgeous pieces. We are all so lucky to have found Meg.

  25. Cindy LeCompte says:

    Meg, I signed up on May 19th and have not received any of the tutorials. Can you please check and find out why I haven’t received the tutorials. Thanks.

  26. Rachel Walsh says:

    Hello there, I am pleased to have found your beautiful and very creative site and other pages. I have subscribed also using paypal 😉 Can’t wait to see what will be coming up next. Have put a few tut’s in my Etsy favourites and in my Cart 😀 How exciting, I can’t wait to get to work on these. Your work is the best that I have ever seen and that’s my truth ❤ Loving It!!! Thanks, Rachel

  27. Judy Johnson says:

    A new month and a new cane, I can hardly wait!! If it wasn’t for Meg, August would just be another month.

  28. Robbie says:

    I did not get July or August cane builder.

  29. Robbie says:

    Thank you. I just emailed. I am excited to get them!

  30. Eileen Coltun says:

    I would like to subscribe to Cane Builder. How do I proceed?

    Thank you.

  31. Erin Brunner says:

    I have bought several of your tutorials and just realized you had the work shop and cane builder, not to mention a new shop. What a busy woman, I love your work and I’m so glad you share it so people like me can learn and enjoy creating with polymer. Thank you and I can’t wait to try my first issue. I’m so excited!

  32. Erin Brunner says:

    How do I find or where are the monthly tut’s? Also, if I see a cane on something you are making like the bottle you covered, how do I find out where to get the tut for that cane? I know these are probably very stupid questions….so sorry!!!! I’m just new and keep going between FB/Etsy/workshop and I’m getting a little confused, I mean more confused than usual. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Yes! It is confusing. Sorry. All of my tutorials including back issues (April-Aug) are available for purchase and instant download from etsy. The current issue of Cane Builder has the canes for the bottle. You could subscribe, and cancel if you only want that issue. Or you could wait ’till I list it on etsy in October. When you subscribe, I send the e-mail issues out each month and paypal automatically takes out $5 each month until you cancel. I send out the current issue as soon as possible when I get a new subscription. Let me know if you have any questions!

  33. Hi Meg, I’ve been looking around trying to find out what day of the month you send out each paid tutorial for those of us on subscription. I too am feeling a little confused, as I received August before the end of July, yet I haven’t gotten September and we are almost a week in. (My Paypal was already charged for Sept 2013.) What day of the month do you send it out?

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  35. Catherine Cooper says:

    Hi! I would like to subscribe to your cane builder ezine but I won’t use paypal (had a previous account hacked & lots of money stolen). Is there another way to pay?

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  38. doris stadelmann says:

    super genieal ich wünsche Euch einen guten Rutsch 2014

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  44. pamela sidebottom says:

    Hi ive just subscribed using PayPal when and how do I get the tutorial

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  46. Debbie Cherek says:

    Now that I signed up for the online magazine,where do I look for it when it’s sent out?

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