Zentangle Color Scheme

I published this tutorial in dark red and white, but I thought I show what it looks like with other colors.

These are premo colors. The dark greenish blue is 10 parts ultramarine : 1 part wasabi the light mint color is 10 parts turquoise : 1 part wasabi  the brown is 10 parts raw sienna : 1 part orange.

Aqua color scheme

Cane Color Scheme

I added cane slices to this dragonfly.

dragonfly base

dragonfly base2

Polymer clay zentangle dragonfly

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Polymer Clay Nativity Set

Canework makes absolutely beautiful fabric!  Have you ever seen this miniature clay fabric store? It was the inspiration for so much that I do with canes. I made this beginner tutorial to show how to make beginner canes and use them as fabric.

Jennifer from Day by Day Crochet made these! The things she makes with canes are amazing!


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Canework Miniatures

These jewel canes lend themselves to lots of fun projects! Here are some more examples of miniatures that can be decorated with polymer clay canes.

jewel cane cake

Jewel Cane mushrooms

Jewel cane bears

You are also invited to come see what’s happening at Cane Builder this month!

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Polymer Clay Moonrise Landscape Cane

If you like this tutorial, come see what’s happening this month at Cane Builder.

Here are the steps to making a moonrise landscape cane. I like it because of the way the craters on the moon are made.

moon cane

Start with a blend.

moon cane17


moon cane4

Cut off some of the light part of the blend. This is for the moon.

moon cane5

Marble the light part very slightly. Don’t mix or swirl it too much. Make it into one large ball and a few smaller balls.

moon cane6

Take what’s left of the blend, stretch it out, and make it into a stack.

moon cane7

moon cane8

Set the stack aside. Put creators in the moon like this.

moon cane9

moon cane11

moon cane12

Wrap the blend around the moon. Cut the curves off to make it square.

Moon cane13

moon cane 14

Reduce the square a little. Cut it in half. Add a while stripe to one side.

moon cane15

Use the left over dark clay to insert lines in the water for ripples in the reflection.

moon cane18

moon cane20

Polymer Clay Landscape Moon Cane


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Contrast in Polymer Clay Color Blends

Here is my latest contribution to color blend experiments.

Sometimes you will need a blend with a lot of contrast. Sometimes you will want a very small change in color. For the most contrast in a color blend, use even amounts of each color. The line across with be at a 45 degree angle from the sides.

The dark in this blend was made with Premo colors. 1 part alizarin and 1 part ultramarine blue. contrast blend1

contrast blend2

To make a dark blend with less contrast use less white. The angle of the line between the colors determines the contrast. If the line were straight across, there would be no contrast. It would just be a solid-color mix. Now the line is slightly more horizontal and therefor there will be less contrast.

contrast blend3

contrast blend4

To make a lighter blend with less contrast, use the same angle but use more white.

contrast blend5

contrast blend6

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Boho Festival Jewelry in Polymer Clay

Unfortunately I’m fairly clueless when it comes to making my own jewelry. However, I love to upcycle thrift shop finds by embellishing them with polymer clay. (See these dangly earrings from a previous post.)

Remember, some plastics will react in strange ways with the clay, or melt in the oven. Unless you know what you’re doing it’s best to stick with metals, wood or glass.

These projects feature Confetti Canes from this month’s issue of Cane Builder!

Boho bangles

Boho festival jewelryConfetti cane display

Polymer clay boho bangles

Thrift shop pin

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Polymer Clay Zendoodle Snail

Cane covered animals can be so beautiful! The trick is to find ways to cover the curves and contours.  In the past I’ve written up free tutorials for a fish, lizard, or seahorse.

This snail is made with canes from this month’s issue of  Cane Builder.

zendoodle snail

Step 1: Make a roll with scrap clay.


Step 2: Flatten one end so that the shape is tapered and also gets wider at the same time. When the snail shell is rolled up, it looks better if the center is farther out. So the center is smaller but wider.


Step 3: Wrap ribbons of cane slices around this shape. Ideally the patterns will get smaller and smaller as the shape tapers down.


I capped the very end with black. Next time I would continue with smaller and smaller patterns.


Step 4: Smooth out the seams and work the slices into the scrap clay.  Roll up the snail shell very slowly and carefully. If you go too fast the pattern will stretch and break.

Polymer clay zentangle snailRainbow zentangle snail

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